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"Five Years After Obama's Cuba Opening, Cubans are Reeling from the 'Trump Effect'"

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

From the Dec. 20 Counterpunch article by Medea Benjamin regarding the Trump Administration's new policies on Cuba:

"Donald Trump came in like a bull in a china shop, rolling back Obama’s openings and imposing new punitive measures. While his administration justifies the rollback by citing Cuban human rights violations and Cuba’s support for the Venezuela government, a more likely explanation is that Trump is catering to the conservative Cuban-Americans in Florida, a state that could be decisive in the 2020 election."

"Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said the Trump administration does not conceal its intention, which is to 'suffocate Cuba economically and to increase damage, scarcities and hardships on our people.'”

"One way to show support for the Cuban people is by traveling to Cuba. While the Trump administration has restricted travel, it is still quite easy to go under the category called 'support for the Cuban people.' This requires an itinerary that allows for 'meaningful interaction with the Cuban people,' in the majority of cases put together by an approved travel agency, organization or university."

The Cuban American Friendship Society has been leading such trips for over 20 years! Support the Cuban people and have an amazing cultural travel experience!

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