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Preparing for Cuba 2021 Trips!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

While we wait out the COVID pandemic here in the United States, we are busy planning for our Cuba trips in 2021. Our first trip back will be the Education in Cuba trip, scheduled for April 17th through 24th, 2021. This informative, exciting tour is for educators, students, and students of life: travel with CAFS  to this unique island nation, where you will  embark on an in-depth exploration of teaching—and peace and justice initiatives— throughout Cuba.

Explore Old Havana, attend seminars, attend seminars at the Center for Psychology and Sociology, visit primary and secondary schools and the historic University of Havana, sit in on classes, and meet your Cuban educational  community counterparts.  Educators earn recertification credits. See this page: more details.

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