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Join us in Havana to attend the annual 2016 International Jazz Festival while also learning about Afro-Cuban dance. Started in 1978, the Havana Jazz Festival attracts well-known acts from around the world. With an All Access Jazz Festival Pass, see acclaimed acts perform on an international stage while also getting up close and personal with master Cuban musicians and dancers. Attend and participate in Afro-Cuban dance workshops ranging in styles from Rumba to Salsa while also learning about the roots of this treasured art form and how it developed on the island. You will have the opportunity to engage with musicians, dance instructors and students during a time when the city will transform itself into a giant music festival. Cuba reveres its artists and unique culture and music oozes out from every building window in this electric city. This trip is for those who have always wanted to learn about music and dance as well as afficianados and performers.

This year's program dates: December 9, 2016 to December 17, 2016 to Dec 9, 2017 to Dec 16, 2017

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Day 1
Depart from Montreal, Canada and arrive at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba. Check into your hotel and get your first taste of Havana by participating in a sunset tour of Old Havana with an experienced English-speaking guide from the Jose Marti Center. Enjoy dinner with your colleagues at a restaurant in Old Havana and evening of leisure.



Day 2
Day of leisure in Havana. Visit museums, Plaza de Revolucion, El Morro fort, people watch at the Malecon sea wall, go to the beautiful beach, catch a baseball game, go salsa dancing, visit the Hemingway farm, explore vibrant Havana neighborhoods or spend your day in Old Havana. Evening attend a Jazz and Storytelling Performance at El Gato Tuerto.
(B) included


Day 3
Arrive by shuttle to the Jose Marti Center, a beautiful historic colonial mansion where you will be taking your courses on Cuban social welfare. After a tour of the facility, and a welcome reception, attend a lecture focusing on the life of Jose Marti, known as the father of Cuba. After lunch, attend a workshop given by faculty from the University of Havana on the history of Cuban music and dance. Evening at a Jazz Club La Zorra Y El Cuervo.
(B) (L) included


Day 4
Participate in a rumba and salsa dance workshop in the morning after your arrival at the Jose Marti Center. After lunch, visit the National Theater of Cuba. Evening attendance of Jazz Festival Event.
(B) (L) included


Day 5
Visit the historic University of Havana. The University founded in 1728 is the oldest in Cuba and one of the oldest university in the Americas. Tour the beautiful campus in the center of the Vedado district of Havana and speak with students and professors at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. After lunch, arrive at the Jose Marti Center and participate in a dance workshop. Evening attendance of a Jazz Festival Performance.
(B) (L) included


Day 6
Visit the Rumba Palace and the Karl Marx Theater. After lunch, arrive at the Jose Marti Center and attend a music workshop with a drumming/flamenco performer at the Jose Marti Center. Evening attendance of a Jazz Festival Performance.
(B) (L) included


Day 7
Visit the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center, Mella Theater and Hotel Seville. After lunch, attend a closing reception at the Jose Marti Center. Evening attendance of a performance for the final night of the Jazz Festival.
(B) (L) included


Day 8
Bid farewell to Havana and leave for an early morning departure to Jose Marti International Airport and catch flight to Montreal.
(B) included

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